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Trading Desk Commentary & Research

Available exclusively to our LatentX ECN pro account holders, VARIANSE provides daily emails direct to your inbox containing Spot FX traders market views and commentaries direct from the trading desks of the worlds largest Investment Banks.
This exclusive content is only privy to institutional market participants, therefore provides an invaluable insight into the key drivers of the FX markets, based on insight into the largest market makers’ thought processes, book positioning, analysis of and sentiment toward upcoming events and data releases.


> Daily emails at the London Open
> Multiple Institutional information sources, including:
   CitiBank, JP Morgan, Nomura, UBS, BAML & CrĂ©dit Agricole*
> Trader Commentary
> Current Market Sentiment
> Technical Analysis
> Current positioning and expectaions
> Order Flow information including Stops, Barrier Options and large Bid/Offers
> Currency summaries
> Key event risk drivers

*subject to availability

This content is only available to Live account holders
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Trading Desk Commentary & Research

Unique to VARIANSE, read FX Spot market commentary and analysis direct from the trading desks of Tier 1 Investment Banks
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Macro Economic News

Keep up to date with the markets with the latest global macro news, delivered by MNI
> EUR News
> USD News
> JAPAN News
> UK News

Economic Calendar

Live updating financial markets calendar, view previous, consensus and actual figures for historic and future data releases
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