Institutional Trading Solutions

VARIANSE offers a range of Institutional services

Through our relationships with multiple liquidity and technology providers we are able to assist in meeting your businesses goals and objectives. We are able to service existing brokerages, new start ups, money managers, hedge funds and high net worth retail clients. Please Contact Us to find out more information, discuss your individual requirements or for an application form.

The VARIANSE FIX API allows clients to connect and integrate directly into our Liquidity Source, and build and develop automated trading strategies using the FIX protocol version 4.4.

Who can use it?

> Corporations, brokers, hedge funds and money managers who require
   always-on, real-time trading capabilities
> Corporate entities integrating deliverable FX dealing into their treasury
> Brokers hedging the exchange rate exposure of their equity positions
> Customers creating customized user interfaces to the VARIANSE
   trading system
> Retail customers developing proprietary trading models

Developer support and assistance

> Coding in API is a complex task, where confusion and coding errors are
   commonplace even for the most seasoned programmers. VARIANSE
   is dedicated to help you resolve such issues and to connect you to the
   right people to get the right results
> Once you have received your coding details, you are connected directly
   with platform developers, through a ticketing system, to help you resolve
   any issues.
> This ticketing systems has a knowledge base, discussion board, and a
   user manual – all of which give you the tools you need to develop your
   API correctly.

Liquidity Services

New Forex or CFD firms benefit greatly from a clearing account.
A clearing account allows a firm to hedge their clients' trades and mitigate natural market risk.

VARIANSE offers our raw LatentX PRIME price feed for all Clearing Account customers.

Liquidity Account

To expand your firm’s presence, it becomes prudent from a market risk management perspective to maintain multiple liquidity accounts, such that in times of high market volatility, you may hedge your clients' trades, and mitigate risk, among a portfolio of diverse trading counterparts.

> There are different ways of managing risk, from passing all trades
   directly to the Liquidity provider to taking on market risk by absorbing
   a small portion of trades.

If you are unsure what accounts your firm needs or why, please contact us directly so that we can discuss your requirements and tailor a solution to your needs.