VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Extreme Low Latency Trading of 0.4ms with a Cross Connected VPS

Increase execution speed, improve tick count, reduce slippage and trade on the fastest and most robust trading infastructure available for online automated and algorithmic trading. Optical fibre direct cross connects from a range of high performing VPS to London Equinix trading servers diminish latency and provide our traders with 0.4ms rapid trade latency 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

What is a VPS

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an exclusive piece of a server which is hosted in a high specification data centre. Each VPS is completely "private" from the other hosted VPS’s and functions the same as a dedicated server. It performs and executes exactly like a stand-alone computer with its own hardware, resources and bandwidth. It is built to never fail and has no single point of hardware failure so ensures a reliable and secure infrastructure for online automated trading.

Why use a VPS

A VPS provides the solution to the common forex trading problem – location and high speed technology, which is one of the key elements of successful automated forex trading, especially when operating in a high frequency environment. With traders disparately located all over the globe, it is of utmost importance that in order to reduce the time (latency) it takes for the traders MT4 terminal to see a price update or for an order to be sent and executed by the broker, the trader’s PC needs to be physically located as close as possible to the trading server.

What is Latency?

Latency is the measure in time that it takes a message to go from a VPS to a broker/liquidity provider, this is usually measured in milliseconds. If you are using a popular expert advisor, there are literally tens of thousands of people trying to place the same trade at the same time. There is a finite amount of liquidity up for grabs to these traders before slippage occurs. The lower your latency is the more chance you have of getting filled at the best price and more chance of making money on the specific trade.

Cross Conected VPS

Not all VPS’s are built equally! We connect clients to trading servers which are hosted in a dedicated low latency suite in the London Equinix Data Center. Additionally, by utilising a BeeksFX, CNS VPS or UltraFX VPS traders benefit from little to no latency from the VPS to the trading server. This is because the actual server hosting your VPS is physically located in the same data centre with a direct optical fibre connection to the trading server. This is known as a ‘Cross Connect’ and is the standard for professional automated traders looking to achieve 0.4 millisecond trade latency.

The Low Latency Advantage to achieve maximum profit

The difference in performance is tremendous when trading in a true low latency environment enabling traders a greater financial advantage

Latency is often overlooked however once understood it can significantly increase a traders profits. Data travelling over the public internet can be susceptible to interference, delays or even loss!

With online trading a price quote must travel round trip from your VPS to the brokers server and back again. Using a standard VPS hosted in London the average latency will be less than 5ms (5/1000th of a second) to a London trading server. As all of these traders will be receiving the price quote at the same time, it will create a pool of traders who will be able to enter the market before the average user connected to the public internet.
However, this pool of traders is very large and with finite liquidity availble slippage will occur at crucial times. With a cross connected VPS it gives you the SPEED ADVANTAGE with a view of the market several milliseconds before the price is publically seen by the rest of the trading community. It is difficult for another trader to place an order in front of you as you will receive the same price quote so much faster than the rest of the crowd (latency being cut down to 0.4ms or 4/10,000th of a second).
The high speed advantage enables an optimal fill rate equating to maximised profits.

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